House Blend Coffee Beads

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40 Below Joe ® features a new approach to coffee. Our process brews the highest quality Arabica beans and cryogenically (quick) freezes the ultra-fresh coffee into little beads using liquid nitrogen at -320 °F. Our unique frozen coffee can be eaten cold with a spoon or can be enjoyed traditionally in liquid form by simply adding water and heating with a steamer or microwave.

Our House Blend creates the perfect espresso.  Our coffee suppliers blend beans from high-grown Brazil Santos Estates with beans from strictly high grown Honduran Estates, making our House Blend the perfect dark roast from South & Central America.

40 Below Joe® makes it possible to bring this freshness back to life in minutes, one cup at a time, whenever you want. No waste, no grounds, no filters, and no expensive coffee machines.

Store coffee beads in freezer. 

  • Single serve pouch is 2.65oz (75g) for 1 serving total
  • Mid-sized grocery bag is 18.5oz (525g) for 7 servings total 
  • Bulk take-home bags are 2kg or 70.5oz (2000g) for 27 servings total

Coffee beads are shipped with dry ice to ensure they arrive in frozen condition. 

All products are freshly brewed and made to order. We appreciate your patience as we curate and freeze your favorite coffees.

40 Below Joe® is a product by Curt Jones, the original inventor of frozen beaded ice cream! Learn more…