Strawberry Fruity Whey Beads

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We take whey that has not been dried or processed and add real fruits to give this product a bright, fresh & full-bodied flavor.  Containing all natural protein, vitamins, & minerals, this healthy, cryogenically frozen treat will be your new wholesome go-to snack on the run!  

Grab a spoon and dig in. Keep frozen.

Ingredients: Acidified whey (from cottage cheese production), strawberries, organic cane sugar, water

  • Single serve pouch is 2.65oz (75g) for 1 serving total
  • Coming soon:  Mid-sized grocery bag is 18.5oz (525g) for 7 servings total 
  • Bulk take-home bags are 2kg or 70.5oz (2000g) for 27 servings total

Fruit beads are shipped with dry ice to ensure they arrive in frozen condition. 

All products are freshly produced and made to order. We appreciate your patience as we curate and freeze your favorite fruit + whey beads.